FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Your Brother Machine Cannot Scan over the Network

Cause Action
You did not select Accept in the security alert dialog box during the Brother Device installation, applications’ start-up process, or when using the scanning features.

If you did not select Accept in the security alert dialog box, the firewall function of your security software may be denying access. Some security software may block access without showing a security alert dialog box.

To allow access, see your security software instructions or ask the manufacturer.

Your security software blocks your machine's access to the network. (The Network scanning feature does not work. )
  • Windows

    Configure the third-party Security/Firewall Software to allow Network scanning. To add port 54925 for Network scanning, type the information below:

    • in Name:

      Type any description, for example Brother NetScan.

    • in Port number:

      Type 54925.

    • in Protocol:

      UDP is selected.

    See the instruction manual that came with your third-party Security/Firewall Software or contact the software manufacturer.

  • Mac

    Reinstall the driver.

Your security software blocks your machine's access to the network.

The following port numbers are used for Brother network features:

  • Network scanning, Remote Setup

    Port number 5566/Protocol TCP

  • Network scanning (Brother iPrint&Scan)

    Port number 54921/Protocol TCP

  • BRAdmin Light

    Port number 161/Protocol UDP

For information about how to open the port, see the security software instructions or ask the manufacturer.

Your Brother machine was not assigned an available IP address.

Confirm the IP address and the Subnet Mask.

Verify that both the IP addresses and Subnet Masks of your computer and the Brother machine are correct and located on the same network.

For more information about how to verify the IP address and the Subnet Mask, ask your network administrator.

You cannot connect the Brother machine to the network using wireless capabilities.

  • ADS-1250W

    If the Wi-Fi light on the Control Panel does not light up, the LEDs will indicate an error status. Make a note of the error status and then correct the error.

    See Related Information:Error and Maintenance Indications.

  • ADS-1700W

    Press image Settings > Network > WLAN > WLAN Status > Status. If the LCD displays Connection Failed, ask your network administrator whether your IP address is valid or not.

Because the machine does not support Kerberos authentication, Network scanning cannot be used.

Change the server settings or change the destination folder where your document will be stored in the Scan to Network Profile from Web Based Management.

If you have checked and tried all of the actions, but your Brother machine still cannot scan, uninstall the Brother software and drivers and reinstall them.

If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs?

Have you checked the manuals?

If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service:

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ADS-1250W, ADS-1700W

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