Use your Brother device's Setting Lock feature to block unauthorized access to machine settings.
Setting Lock lets you set a password to prevent others from accidentally changing your machine settings.

To enable the Setting Lock feature, you need the device's four-digit password or the Administrator's login password. If you forget the password, you must reset all of the passwords stored in the device.

When Setting Lock is on, only administrators or owners who know the password can change the following settings*:

  • General Setup

  • Shortcut Settings

  • Fax

  • Printer

  • Network

  • Print Reports

  • Machine Info.

  • Initial Setup

  • Service

  • Address Book


    * Available settings may differ depending on the Brother model.


    • Prevents issues caused by unexpected setting changes

    • Secure device configuration ensures consistent and protected workflows

    • Conserves resources by avoiding incorrectly-formatted printouts

    Use Cases

    Supported Models

    To check if your device supports the Setting Lock feature, see your model's Online User's Guide.