Active Directory Authentication restricts the use of your Brother device. If Active Directory Authentication is enabled, the device's control panel will be locked. You cannot change the device's settings or collect your printed documents until you enter your Active Directory User ID and Password. Your print jobs are securely stored in the device’s internal memory until they are collected. To use Active Directory Authentication, your organization must use Microsoft Active Directory.


  • Prevents others from handling your printed confidential documents, ensuring they have not been taken, copied, or read by anyone else. This feature will hold print jobs until you enter your Active Directory User ID and Password.

  • Supports Single Sign On (SSO) environments where users need to use only one User ID and Password for all devices.

  • Brother devices can be incorporated into a network running Active Directory for secure authentication to allow administrators to manage who has device access from the Active Directory console and not at the device.

  • If the administrator assigns a network folder to an Active Directory user, when logged in, the user can scan documents directly to that folder using the Send to My Folder option. In addition, users can select the Send to My Email option and individual email addresses will automatically be populated from Active Directory.

Use Cases

Supported Models

To check if your device supports the Active Directory Authentication feature, see your model's Online User's Guide.