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Carrier Sheet Recommendations

Brother recommends using a optional Carrier Sheet to scan the following documents:
  • Documents with a carbon sheet attached
  • Documents written in pencil
  • Documents narrower than 2.0 in. (50.8 mm)
  • Documents shorter than 2.0 in. (50.8 mm)
  • Pages thinner than 3 mil (0.08 mm) *1
  • Documents of uneven thickness, such as envelopes
  • Documents with large wrinkles or curls
  • Bent or damaged documents
  • Documents that use tracing paper
  • Documents that use coated paper
  • Photographs (photographic paper)
  • Documents printed on perforated paper
  • Documents printed on unusually-shaped paper (not square or rectangle)
  • Documents with photos, notes, or stickers attached to them
  • Documents that use carbonless paper
  • Documents that use loose-leaf paper or any paper with holes in it
To avoid cutting yourself, do not slide or scrape your hand or fingers along the edge of the Carrier Sheet.
  • To avoid warping the Carrier Sheet, do not place the Carrier Sheet in direct sunlight or in an area subject to high temperatures and high humidity.
  • To avoid damaging the Carrier Sheet, do not bend or pull it. Do not use a damaged Carrier Sheet, as it may produce incorrect scan results.
(ADS-4900W) Use the Carrier Sheet when the document thickness is 1.57 mil (0.04 mm) or less.
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