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Visio Plugin

What is Visio Plugin?

Visio Plugin is a plugin software that allows printing from Microsoft Visio to P-touch in an environment where b-PAC component is installed.

A menu Label is added to Visio.

A menu Label is added to Visio.

Example of created label

Example of created label


  • Fully customisable label designs - each Visio shape can have its own design, or use the same design for all your Visio shapes.
  • Add a barcode to each label if required.
  • Company logo's or other custom graphics can be added to your label design.
  • Automatically print the date and/or time on your label.
  • Print the shape's icon if required.
  • When printing long sentences, the font size is automatically reduced if needed to fit the required label size.
  • Print each shape individually, or select multiple shapes or a group of shapes to print all associated labels with one click.
  • Preview your Visio label before printing.

Operation Overview

  1. 1. Design the label in P-touch Editor software, as detailed in the supplied help file.
    Operation Overview
  2. 2. Save this design to the correct Visio folder.

  3. 3. In Visio, assign the relevant design to each shape, using the filename(s) saved previously from P-touch Editor.
    Operation Overview
  4. 4. Use the new label menus to preview and print your shape labels.

Compatibility Status

Compatible operating systems/Compatible models As per b-PAC.
b-PAC Operating Environment
Compatible Visio versions
  • Microsoft Visio 2000
  • Microsoft Visio 2002 Standard
  • Microsoft Visio 2002 Professional
  • Microsoft Visio 2003 Standard
  • Microsoft Visio 2003 Professional
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