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Example of Creating Template Files with Visual Basic Script

Create a Template File (Label Layout File)

  1. 1. Enter the following using a text editor and save it with a file name "Fixed asset.vbs".
    'Create b-PAC object
    Set ObjDoc = CreateObject("bpac.Document")
    'Open template file created with P-touch Editor
    'Leave lbx file in the same folder as VBS file
    bRet = ObjDoc.Open(".¥Fixed asset.lbx"
    If (bRet <> False) Then 'normally open? 
            'Set "TN-9500" to text object of "Fixed asset name"
            ObjDoc.GetObject("Name").Text = "TN-9500"
            'Set "Information Systems Division" to
            'text object of "Management section"
            ObjDoc.GetObject("Section").Text = "Management section"
            'Set "1234567" to text object of "Identification No."
            ObjDoc.GetObject("Number").Text = "1234567"
            'Set "1234567" to bar code object
            ObjDoc.GetObject("QRCode1").Text = "1234567"
            'Execute printing
            ObjDoc.StartPrint "DocumentName", bpoAutoCut
            ObjDoc.PrintOut 1, bpoAutoCut
    End If
    'Release b-PAC object
    Set ObjDoc = Nothing


    • You can also change an image object and configure the font settings.
    • For methods available from b-PAC, refer to the b-PAC SDK documentation.

Executing the script

By executing "Fixed asset.vbs" with Explorer, a label is printed based on the values set in the script, using a label layout file created with P-touch Editor as a template.



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