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Example of Creating Template Files with Excel VBA

Create a Template File (Label Layout File)

  1. 1. The following is a description using a fixed asset list created with Excel.
    Create a Template File (Label Layout File)
  2. 2. Select View -> Toolbars -> Control Toolbox -> Command Button and create a command button (Caption of the button is "Print Label").

  3. 3. Double-click Print Label to start the Visual Basic Editor and write the following code.
    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
        'Create a b-PAC object
        Dim ObjDoc As bpac.Document
        Set ObjDoc = CreateObject("bpac.Document")
        'Open a template file created with P-touch Editor
        '(Put this Excel file and the template file in then same folder)
        ObjDoc.Open (ActiveWorkbook.Path & "¥asset.lbx")
        Dim str As String
        'Repeat for the specified rows
        For r = 1 To Selection.Areas(1).Rows.Count
            'Calculate the row number
            Dim i As Integer
            i = Selection.Areas(1).Cells(r, 1).Row
            'Assign the content of the cell of "Fixed asset name"
            'to the text object of "Fixed asset name"
            ObjDoc.GetObject("Name").Text = Cells(i, 3).Text
            'Assign the content of the cell of "Management section"
            'to the text object of "Management section"
            ObjDoc.GetObject("Section").Text = Cells(i, 4).Text
            'Assign the content of the cell of "Identification No."
            'to the text object of "Identification No."
            ObjDoc.GetObject("Number").Text = Cells(i, 5).Text
            'Assign the content of the cell of "Identification No."
            'to the barcode object.
            ObjDoc.GetObject("QRCode1").Text = Cells(i, 5).Text
            ObjDoc.StartPrint "DocumentName", bpoAutoCut
            ObjDoc.PrintOut 1, bpoAutoCut
        'Free the b-PAC object
        Set ObjDoc = Nothing
    End Sub


    • You can also change an image object and configure the font settings.
    • For methods available from b-PAC, refer to the b-PAC SDK documentation.
  4. 4. After writing the code, close Visual Basic Editor. From Control Toolbox, click the Exit Design Mode button to exit Design Mode.

  5. 5. Save the Excel file in the same folder as the template file.

  6. 6. Select rows to print and click the Print Label button.

Labels are printed with values of cells of selected rows while the label layout file created with P-touch Editor is used as the template.



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