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What is b-PAC?


b-PAC is a component that sends data to Brother label printer/mobile printer.
Customers can create programs that directly control your printer to print labels. Creating a simple program for a system in use allows adding a label print function to the existing system.
b-PAC is recommended for the following customers:
  • Customers who want to print labels by putting data from a database in a standard label layout.
  • Customers who want to automate and simplify label printing tasks to streamline their work.
  • Customers who want to integrate your printer into their business system.
  • Note that the compatible OS and model depend on the version of b-PAC.
  • b-PAC SDK Ver.3.0/3.1/3.2/3.3/3.4 (32-bit version) are compatible with 32-bit applications that run on a 32-bit/64-bit OS.
  • b-PAC SDK Ver.3.1/3.2/3.3/3.4 (64-bit version) are compatible with 64-bit applications that run on a 64-bit OS.


b-PAC (Brother P-touch Applicable Component) is a component that sends data to Brother label printer/mobile printer.

b-PAC needs no exclusive editor and enables customers' system, which is created with Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel, VB Script, etc., to send data. (The programmers need to learn how to operate the exclusive editor to create label template files, but those who print labels using a developed program need not learn the operation of the editor.)

b-PAC enables operation such as printing labels through an existing database. Creating a simple program for a customers' system facilitates making equipment identification labels and barcode labels. Furthermore, users can get more out of label printer/mobile printer with their own ideas.

Features of b-PAC

Various label designs

You can create label layout with the exclusive editor, P-touch Editor, and print using the layout file as a template. Templates allow the text, barcode, date, time, and image files to be replaced, which enables you to make various labels as you like from simple ones to elaborate ones including labels with a logo and design labels.

Easy to program

You can program control of label print only in some ten lines. The program does not need any detailed layout control because the files created with P-touch Editor are used as a template. You do not need any special knowledge on print control of label printer/mobile printer (such as interface commands).

Basically, b-PAC can be used for the following three purposes (modules required to be coded):

  1. 1. Open a label layout file created as a template
  2. 2. Update the label contents
  3. 3. Print through a printer driver

Free of charge

b-PAC is provided for label printer/mobile printer users as an SDK for free (User registration is required for download). The SDK includes documentation on how to use and samples for Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and Internet Explorer besides the main component.
I want to simplify (automate) my label print tasks to streamline my work! STEP1:Decide what data to use to make what label STEP2:Program with B-pac SDK STEP3:Printed in a few steps

Things required for programming

  • A printer driver for output
  • A label layout file as a template
  • P-touch Editor (for creating templates and modifying sample templates included in the SDK before use)

b-PAC SDK components

  • Main component
  • Documentation
  • Sample project
  • Merging module for re-deployment (This module adds applications created with b-PAC to an installer to install them in a PC other than the one where they are created)

b-PAC processing overview

To run applications using b-PAC on a client PC, the following are required:
  • Main component
  • Template file
  • Printer driver
The whole b-PAC SDK need not be installed in a client PC.
b-PAC processing overview



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