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BRAdmin Professional 3.x

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Features of the Web BRAdmin software

The Web BRAdmin software is designed to manage all LAN/WAN Brother network-connected devices. By installing the Web BRAdmin server software on a computer running IIS, Administrators with a Web browser can connect to the Web BRAdmin server, which then communicates with the device itself. Unlike the BRAdmin Professional software - which is designed for Windows only systems - the Web BRAdmin server software can be accessed from any client computer with a web browser that supports Java™ 2.

The Web BRAdmin software is primarily designed to manage network-connected Brother Printer and FAX/MFC devices using a Brother print server. However, other printer and MFP/MFD devices that support the SNMP protocol can also be managed using the Web BRAdmin Professional software.

Please go to the Download section of the Brother Solutions Center to download the latest version of Web BRAdmin.

For users on smaller networks, Brother still recommends the BRAdmin Professional Windows software.

Administrator Access settings

The Web BRAdmin software features improved security features which prevents un-authorised users from changing important printer/MFC and Web BRAdmin settings. To learn more about security, click here.

Sophisticated Discovery settings

The Web BRAdmin server software supports the following sophisticated device discovery methods:

  1. Agent Communication (the Web BRAdmin server software can communicate with remote 'agent' PCs. These 'agent' PCs collect local device information which is then passed onto the Web BRAdmin server. To learn how to configure this option, click here.
  2. Schedule setting mode. Use the scheduled discovery method so that new devices are found at certain times of the day or on certain days.
  3. IP Unicast settings allow the Web BRAdmin server software to find devices that have an IP address in a certain IP range.

E-mail Notification

The Web BRAdmin server software monitors the status of network connected Brother and other SNMP compliant devices. If a device goes into an error state, the Web BRAdmin server software can send an e-mail to different users informing them of the problem. To learn how to configure this option, click here.

Device Usage Log

The Web BRAdmin Log feature allows the software to record the use of Brother and other SNMP compliant devices. This information is then saved on the Web BRAdmin server for further analysis. To learn how to configure this option, click here.

Filter settings

To personalize the way you view data on the screen, use the 'Filter' function to customize the data displayed on the screen. To learn how to configure this option, click here.

Printer and Print server Management

The Web BRAdmin server software allows you to view and change printer settings and also print server settings on single or multiple devices.

Web Update feature

The Web BRAdmin software module approach prevents you having to download the entire Web BRAdmin software again when a new Brother printer/MFC/MFP model is released. Simply use the "Modules Update" from the "Web BRAdmin Configuration Tool" on your Web BRAdmin server. The server then accesses the Internet to download the latest models from the server. To learn more about this feature, click here.

Monitoring locally connected devices (USB & parallel)

The Print Auditor Client software allows you to monitor locally connected devices that are connected to your PC via a USB or parallel port. That information is then passed to the Web BRAdmin software. This allows the administrator to check items such as page counts, toner and drum status and the firmware version. Locally connected devices are polled on a scheduled basis, which can be specified from within the Web BRAdmin software. Please note that BRPrint Auditor is not compatible with inkjet models.

To download BRPrint Auditor software, click here.

NOTE: Please do not install BRPrint Auditor software (Auditor Client Software) on a PC where Web BRAdmin software 1.45 or later version has been installed.