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SSL communication

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How to configure a Certificate issued by Windows Server® 2003/2008 Enterprise Certification Authorities

To use SSL communication in the Brother Print Server*1, the Certificate settings are required. After finishing all the settings below from A to F in alphabetical order, you will be able to access the Brother Print Server through SSL communication.

Print settings are different depending upon the environment in which your PC is used and these instructions highlight one example. Therefore it is suggested that you configure them properly to your PC.

  1. How to install an Enterprise CA *2 feature into a CA Server and configure the CA Server settings
    > Windows Server® 2003
    > Windows Server® 2008
  2. How to download a Certificate and install it into your Client PC
  3. How to create and download a "CSR"
  4. How to make a CA server issue a Certificate
  5. How to install a Certificate into Brother Print Server
  6. How to check the checkbox for the insecurity protocol settings (Recommended)

*1 Brother Print Server:
Brother Print Server is your printer. You can use your printer as a Print Server.

*2 CA (Certificate Authority):
A CA is an entity that issues digital certificates (especially X.509 certificates) and vouches for the binding between the data items in a certificate.