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  3. I want to manage my Brother devices remotely.

I want to manage my Brother devices remotely.

Use BRAdmin Professional 4 (Windows only) to view and configure your networked devices.


  1. Go to the Downloads page on the Brother support website to download BRAdmin Professional 4 (Windows only).

  2. Follow the on-screen installation instructions.

  3. When finished, launch BRAdmin Professional 4.
    Upon launch, BRAdmin Professional 4 displays a list of networked devices.

    List of network devices
  4. If you don't see your device in the list, click Discover and select one of the following:

    Discover devices Searches for and discovers network-connected devices and USB-connected Brother devices.
    Discover specific devices… Searches for and discovers a specific target device when you specify the IP address or node name, and then adds the discovered target devices to this device list.
  5. To locate a specific device, type a keyword or the device's name in the Search… box.

  6. To check the latest device status, click Get device status to refresh the list.