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You take great care of your most valuable information, but are you confident there are no gaps in security when it comes to your network printing process? This is the point at which data security precautions can fail and carefully protected documents suddenly become accessible to unauthorised personnel.

Can you be sure information stays in safe hands, for example, when it is waiting in the printer's output tray? What if important documents go astray and get mixed up with other less sensitive print jobs?

If you don't protect your printed documentation, confidential information can fall into the wrong hands and be read, copied or manipulated posing a major threat to your corporate security and competitiveness.

Brother's solution is simple and effective. With our secure printing capability you can safeguard information throughout the entire printing process, tracking documents from the moment the print button is pressed to the arrival of a document in the right hands. This is printing made safe.

How does it work?

It starts by storing secure print jobs in the printer RAMDISK or on an optional HDD** or Compact Flash memory card. Each job is given a user-name, document name and unique PIN number and only personnel with this information, and the correct PIN number, can print the document.

Convenient access is another strength. Accessing your stored print jobs is simple thanks to the intuitive LCD control panel, which enables easy navigation around documents. Alternatively, a standard web browser can be used to manage the contents of the RAMDISK, HDD** or Compact Flash memory card. Again, access is available only to personnel with the correct user-name, document name and PIN number.

After printing is complete, the secure document is permanently deleted from the printer RAMDISK, HDD or Compact Flash memory card.

With Brother secure printing, your valuable information is always in safe hands.

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