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More information (scan-key-tool)

  • Uninstall Scan-key-tool
  • 1. Login as a superuser ( or use "sudo" option if it is required )
    2. Uninstall Scan-key-tool
    Command (for dpkg)  :  dpkg  -P  (scan-key-toolname)
    Command (for rpm)  :  rpm  -e  (scan-key-toolname)
    Example(for dpkg) | Example(for rpm)
    3. Check the uninstallation.
    Command (for dpkg)  :  dpkg  -l  |  grep  (scan-key-toolname)
    Command (for rpm)  :  rpm  -qa  |  grep  -e  (scan-key-toolname)
    Example(for dpkg) | Example(for rpm)

  • Run Scan-key-tool automatically on PC startup
  • Add brscan-skey command to the startup programs list.
    Example on Ubuntu8.04
    1. Open "Startup Programs" (System > Preference > Sessions > Startup Programs)
    2. Click "Add"
    3. Type "brscan-skey" and click ok
    Example on Mandriva2009.0
    1. Open "Configure Your Desktop" (Menu > Tools > System Tools > Configure Your Desktop)
    2. Open "Autostart" in "Advanced Tab"
    3. Click "Add Program"
    4. Type "brscan-skey" in the input box and click ok

  • Stop Scan-key-tool
  • Command  :  brscan-skey  -t

  • List available Brother devices
  • Command  :  brscan-skey  -l

  • Change the name of the target user
  • 1. login as the user which you want to change the target name which is displaied on the scanner LCD.
    2. Change the name for brscan-skey
    Command  :    brscan-skey  -u  (Newname-for-brscan-skey)
    3. Restart brscan-skey
    Command(Stop)  :    brscan-skey  -t
    Command(Start)  :    brscan-skey  
    ***The new user name must be less than 16 characters, only alphabet and numbers can be used.
    ***Command without the name parameter will reset the name for brscan-skey.

  • Set password
  • 1. Run brscan-skey command with "-p" option.(superuser authorization is required)
    Command  :    brscan-skey  -p  (4-numeric-digit-password)
    2.Restart Scan-key-tool
    Command(Stop)  :    brscan-skey  -t
    Command(Restart)  :    brscan-skey  
    3. The password is required on the device LCD to start scanning.
    ***To reset the password, use "brscan-skey -p" without parameters.(superuser authorization is required)

  • Hide a scanner device from Scan-key-tool (Available only with network connected scanner)
  • 1. check the device name.
    Command  :    brscan-skey  -l
    2. Delete the entry
    Command  :    brscan-skey  -d  (device-name)

  • Change the action of scan-key-tool
  • The actions taken by the scan-key-tool are described in the /usr/local/Brother/sane/brscan-skey-(version).cfg
    IMAGE=(The script for scan-to-image selection)
    OCR=(The script for scan-to-ocr selection) ***Scan-to-OCR is not available
    EMAIL=(The script for scan-to-email selection)
    FILE=(The script for scan-to-file selection)
    Default shell script for scan-to-image;
    Default shell script for scan-to-file;
    Default shell script for scan-to-email;
    Example: Multiple sheets are scanned from ADF using scan-to-file, and it is made into one PDF file.
    Change the file(/usr/local/Brother/sane/script/ as follows.
    NOTE:scanadf, pnmtops, and ps2pdf need to be installed.  
    #! /bin/sh
    set +o noclobber
    #   $1 = scanner device
    #   $2 = friendly name
    #       100,200,300,400,600
    mkdir -p $BASE
    if [ "`which usleep`" != ' ' ];then
        usleep 10000
        sleep  0.01
    output_tmp=$BASE/$(date | sed s/' '/'_'/g | sed s/'\:'/'_'/g)
    echo "scan from $2($device)"
    scanadf --device-name "$device" --resolution $resolution -o"$output_tmp"_%04d
    for pnmfile in $(ls "$output_tmp"*)
       echo pnmtops  "$pnmfile"  "$pnmfile".ps
       pnmtops  "$pnmfile"  > "$pnmfile".ps
       rm -f "$pnmfile"
    echo psmerge -o"$output_tmp".ps  $(ls "$output_tmp"*.ps)
    psmerge -o"$output_tmp".ps  $(ls "$output_tmp"*.ps)
    echo ps2pdf "$output_tmp".ps   "$output_tmp".pdf
    ps2pdf "$output_tmp".ps   "$output_tmp".pdf
    for psfile in $(ls "$output_tmp"*.ps)
       rm $psfile
    rm -f "$pnmfile".ps

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    Uninstall the Scan-key-tool (dpkg)
    # dpkg -P brscan-skey
    (Reading database ... 104231 files and directories currently installed.)
    Removing brscan-skey ...
    Check the uninstallation (dpkg)
    # dpkg -l | grep Brother
    Uninstall Scan-key-tool (rpm)
    # rpm -e brscan-skey
    Check the uninstallation (rpm)
    # rpm -qa | grep brscan-skey

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