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More Information (PC-FAX LPR)

  • Uninstall PC-FAX driver
  • 1. Login as a superuser ( or use "sudo" option if it is required )
    2. Uninstall LPR driver
    Command (for dpkg)  :  dpkg  -P  (PC-FAX-LPR-drivername)
    Command (for rpm)  :  rpm  -e  (PC-FAX-LPR-drivername)
    Example(for dpkg) | Example(for rpm)
    3. Check the uninstallation.
    Command (for dpkg)  :  dpkg  -l  |  grep  Brother
    Command (for rpm)  :  rpm  -qa  |  grep  -e  (PC-FAX-LPR-drivername)
    Example(for dpkg) | Example(for rpm)

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    Uninstall LPR driver (dpkg)
    # dpkg -P brmfcfaxlpd
    (Reading database ... 104218 files and directories currently installed.)
    Removing brmfcfaxlpd ...
    Purging configuration files for brmfcfaxlpd ...
    dpkg - warning: while removing brmfcfaxlpd, directory `/usr/local' not empty so not removed.
    Check the uninstallation (dpkg)
    # dpkg -l | grep Brother
    Uninstall LPR driver (rpm)
    [root@localhost rpm]# rpm -e brmfcfaxlpd
    [root@localhost rpm]# 
    Check the uninstallation (rpm)
    [root@localhost rpm]# rpm -qa | grep -e brmfcfaxlpd -e brmfcfaxcups
    [root@localhost rpm]# 

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