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Use P-touch/QL-Printer

  • Create a label with OpenOffice
  • 1. Download template file
    2. Unzip the template file
    3. Run the OpenOffice Writer or OpenOffice SpreadSheet
    4. Select the template file by browsing from file->Open
    5. Edit the document
    6. Open the print menu, select your P-touch/QL-Printer for the Printer destination and click "OK".

  • Create a label with gimp
  • 1. Open a new file with the image size that suit the label.
    2. Edit the image
    3. Open the print menu and set the following configuration for your P-touch/QL-Printer.
    "Image Settings" Tab -> "Adjust Page Size and Orientation"

    *** Media length for continuous tape is about 100mm.
    *** Use the paper tool command to add a custom media size longer/shorter than 100mm.
        Use brpapertool command

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