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  • I'm using Ubuntu 11.10. I cannot use Fax-modem(brfaxmodem Ver1.1.1-1).

    Brother is currently developing a software for Ubuntu 11.10.

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  • I'm finding it difficult to install the PC-FAX driver.

    We have created a tool to help you easily install the PC-FAX driver. Follow these instructions to download and use the tool:


    • This tool will install the PC-FAX driver automatically, changing the install directories, links and system settings without notice.

    • For USB Users:
      Connect your Brother machine to the PC before starting to follow the instructions.

    1. Click here to download the tool.(linux-brfax-installer-1.0.0-3.gz, ver.1.0.0-3, 13 KB)
      The tool will be downloaded into the default "Download" directory. (The directory location varies depending on your Linux distribution.)

      e.g. /home/(LoginName)/Download

    2. Open a terminal window and go to the directory you downloaded the file to in the last step.

    3. Enter this command to extract the downloaded file:
      Command: gunzip linux-brfax-installer-1.0.0-3.gz

    4. Get superuser authorization with the "su" command or "sudo su" command.

    5. For Fedora16 Users:

      Look for a "/etc/init.d/cups" file.
      Make a symbolic link to "/etc/init.d/cups" if it does not exist.

      Command : ln -s /bin/echo /etc/init.d/cups

    6. Run the tool:
      Command: bash linux-brfax-installer-1.0.0-3

    7. The driver installation will start. Follow the installation screen directions.
      When you see the message "Will you specify the DeviceURI ?",

      For USB Users: Choose N(No)
      For Network Users: Choose Y(Yes) and DeviceURI.

      The install process may take some time. Please wait until it is complete.

    8. For Fedora16 Users:

      Please delete a symbolic link when you make a symbolic link in step 5.

      Command: rm /etc/init.d/cups

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  • Error "Can't read multi-strip TIFF files" is displayed when sending FAX using the FAX modem driver.

    1. This error may display when a TIFF file created from a Postscript file is sent. Try entering the following commands to correct this issue:

    1. Open "/usr/bin/fax" with a text editor.

    2. Change "$GS -q -sDEVICE=tiffg3 -r$RES ..."

      into "$GS -q -sDEVICE=tiffg3 -dMaxStripSize=0 -rRES ...".

    2. You might be using an old version of efax-gtk.
    Try downloading the latest version of efax-gtk from the Repository or efax HomePage.

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  • I want to send a fax from Ubuntu 10.04.

    This FAQ is verified using Ubuntu 10.04 Beta2.
    Operation may differ in the formal release of Ubuntu 10.04.

    1. Install openjdk-6-jre from Synaptic Package Manager.

    2. Create /usr/share/cups/model, if it does not exist.

      Command: sudo mkdir /usr/share/cups/model

    3. Install the drivers.

      Command: sudo dpkg -i -force-all brmfcfaxlpd-1.0.0-1.i386.deb
      Command: sudo dpkg -i -force-all brmfcfaxcups-1.0.0-1.i386.deb

    4. Change the access permission of /usr/lib/cups/filter/brfaxfilter

      Command: sudo chmod 755 /usr/lib/cups/filter/brfaxfilter

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  • What format of the driver can I use for my distribution.

    rpm format driver :
    Fedora, CentOS, Redhat, openSUSE, Mandriva, Acer Aspire one (Linpus Linux)

    deb format driver:
    Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Asus EeePC (Xandros)

    NOTE: The information above does not guarantee the operation of Brother Linux drivers in all users' operating environments.

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  • I want to edit a text file. When I try to save the file, I receive an error message.

    Open the text editor by a superuser.
    Example 1: Get the superuser authorization by "su" command. And run "gedit (filename)"
    Example 2: Run "gksudo gedit (filename)"

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  • I want to use a Brother machine on Acer Aspire-One (Linpus Linux). What driver should I use?

    Use rpm format drivers. Please go to the settings tab to open the terminal.

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  • I'm using Compiz or Beryl. When I start Brother PC-FAX interface, I get a grey screen.

    Please add the following line to /etc/environment


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  • I want to use a Brother machine on EeePC(Xandros). What driver should I use?

    Use deb format drivers.
    Terminal Window (Command line interface) is in the Tool menu in the File manager

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  • I'm using Gentoo Linux and I receive the following error message: "Filter "brfaxfilter" for printer "BRFAX" not available: No such file or directory" .

    When you use BRFAX in a Gentoo Environment, make a symbolic link to
    " /usr/libexec/cups/filter/brfaxfilter" after the driver installation.
    Command example (Type the whole command as a single line before hitting enter):
    # ln -s /usr/lib/cups/filter/brfaxfilter

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  • I cannot find the section to enter the BRFAX command in my application.

    After the driver installation, you will have a printer called "BRFAX." This printer is NOT used to print faxes directly. Instead, this printer is used by the " brpcfax" utility.
    To actually send a fax, you must use the "brpcfax" utility to process your print jobs. Some programs (like the old Mozilla default installation) allow you to specify the print program, in which case you can specify "brpcfax" (in place of lpr for example).
    This is NOT possible with most current applications including Firefox and Openoffice as distributed in popular distributions.

    Example; To print to fax (openSUSE 10.1)
    1) Use "Print to file" from your application to generate a postscript file.
    2) Right-click the file and select "Open with" using the executable "SendAsFax"
    command configured below.

    Configure Konqueror to have an option to Open postscript files with brpcfax

    1. Open Konqueror.
    2. Select "Settings" -> "Configure Konqueror".
    3. Click "File Associations".
    4. Type "ps" in the search box and select "Application" -> "Postscript" from
    the list below.
    5. Click "add" and type "brpcfax" then click OK.
    6. Click the new "brpcfax" option and click "Edit".
    7. Select the "Application" tab.
    8. For the "Command:" line, enter: brpcfax -P BRFAX -o Paper=Letter
    9. For the "Name:' enter: SendAsFax
    10. Click OK to save

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  • When I try to send a PC-FAX, the paper is printed out instead of sending the FAX.

    Please check your BRFAX's driver setting, please select "Brother BRMFCFAX for CUPS(en)" for the driver of your BRFAX.(BRFAX with cups)

    1. Open the CUPS web interface http://localhost:631/printers
    2. Click "Modify Printer" of "BRFAX" and select the following driver for your BRFAX on Model/Driver menu.
    "Brother BRMFCFAX for CUPS(en)"

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  • When using the PC-FAX feature, can you get the fax transmission report digitally?

    The current driver does not support this feature.. But it is easy to remodel the driver to add the function, if you have knowledge of the Linux command and B-shell.

    /usr/local/Brother/lpd/filterBRFAX is a program written in B-shell(BASH).

    If the $result is NOT 0 and is lower than 50 at line 272 of this file, the sending of the FAX has been successful .
    And if $result is another value ,the sending of the FAX has failed.
    So you can insert the scripts as follows.

    if [ "$result" = "0" ] || [ "$result" -gt "50" ];then
    (please insert the script you want to do when
    sending fax is complete successfully.)
    (please insert the script you want to do when
    sending fax is failed.)

    The name of the postscript file you sent is stored in $INPUT_TEMP_PS .
    So you can get the PDF file of the image you send with the ps2pdf command.
    You can publicly release the driver you remodeled under the GPL licence.
    You do not need to notify Brother.

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