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Monitor the Status of the Machine from Your Computer (Mac)

The Status Monitor utility is a configurable software tool for monitoring the status of a device, allowing you to get immediate notification of error messages, such as paper empty or paper jam, at preset update intervals. You can also access Web Based Management.
  1. Click the System Preferences menu, select Printers & Scanners, and then select your machine.
  2. Click the Options & Supplies button.
  3. Click the Utility tab, and then click the Open Printer Utility button.
    Status Monitor starts.
    Click the Troubleshooting button to access the troubleshooting website.
    Visit the Genuine Supplies website
    Click the Visit the Genuine Supplies website button for more information on Brother genuine supplies.
    Updating the machine's status
    To view the latest machine status while the Status Monitor window is open, click the image icon. You can set the interval at which the software updates machine status information. Click Brother Status Monitor in the menu bar, and then select Preferences.
    Web Based Management (Network Connection Only)
    Access the Web Based Management System by clicking the machine icon on the Status Monitor screen. You can use a standard Web Browser to manage your machine using HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).
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