Changing the print server settings

Once you have configured your printer for a wireless network, you can change the wireless settings using the BRAdmin Professional utility or the control panel on the front of the Brother printer.

Using the BRAdmin Professional utility to change print server settings (for Windows®)

Note Note
Please use the latest version of the BRAdmin Professional utility that is available as a download from This utility is only available for Windows® users.
If you are using Personal Firewall software (e.g. Windows Firewall), disable it. Once you are sure that you can print, re-start your Personal Firewall software.
Node name: Node name appears in current BRAdmin Professional window. The default Node name is “BRWxxxxxx” (where “xxxxxx” is the last six digits of Ethernet address).
Start the BRAdmin Professional utility (from Windows® 98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000/XP, Windows Vista™ and Windows Server® 2003), by clicking Start / All Programs1 / Brother Administrator Utilities / Brother BRAdmin Professional Utilities / BRAdmin Professional.
Programs for Windows® 98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0, and Windows® 2000 users
Select TCP/IP in the left frame of the main BRAdmin window.
Select the print server which you want to configure, in the right frame of the main BRAdmin window.
Select Configure Wireless Setting from the Control menu.
Enter a password. The default Password is access.
You can now change the wireless settings.
Note Note
If the print server is set to its factory default settings without using a DHCP/BOOTP/RARP server, the device will appear as APIPA in the BRAdmin Professional utility screen.
You can find the node name and Ethernet address (Node Address) by printing out the Network Configuration List. See Printing the Printer Settings Page for information on how to print the Network Configuration List on your print server.