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Save Scanned Data to a USB Flash Drive

Scan documents and save them directly to a USB flash drive without using a computer.
  1. Load your document.
  2. Insert a USB flash drive in the USB slot.
  3. Press image or image to display the [Scan to Media] option, and then press it.
  4. To change the settings, press image[Options], and then go to the next step.
    • To set your own default settings: after making changes to settings, press the [Set New Default] option, and then press [Yes].
    • To restore the factory settings: press the [Factory Reset] option, and then press [Yes].
  5. Select the scan settings you want to change, and then press [OK].
    2-sided Scan


    Select the 2-sided scan mode.

    Color Setting

    Select the color format for your document.


    Select the scan resolution for your document.

    File Type

    Select the file format for your document.

    Document Size

    Select your document size.


    Select the brightness level.


    Select the contrast level.

    File Name

    Rename the file.

    File Name Style

    Select the order in which the date, counter number, and other items appear in the file names.

    Auto Crop

    Scan multiple documents placed on the scanner glass to a USB flash drive. The machine will scan each document and create separate files or a single multi-page file.

    Auto Deskew

    Correct any skewed documents when they are scanned.

    Skip Blank Page

    When On is selected, blank pages are skipped.

    Skip Blank Page Sensitivity

    Select the sensitivity level for detecting blank pages in the scanned data. The higher the sensitivity, the easier it is for the machine to detect blank pages.

    Remove Background Color

    Change the amount of background color that is removed.

    Margin Settings

    Adjust your document's margins.

    • To save the settings as a shortcut, press [Save as Shortcut]. You will be asked if you want to make this a One Touch Shortcut. Follow the LCD instructions.
  6. Press [Start].
  7. If you are using the scanner glass, set the next page and then press [Continue]. If there are no more pages to scan, press [Finish]. After you finish scanning, make sure you choose [Finish] before removing the USB flash drive from the machine.
    The LCD displays a message while reading the data. DO NOT unplug the power cord or remove the USB flash drive from the machine while it is reading the data. You could lose your data or damage the USB flash drive.
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