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Save Scanned Data as an Email Attachment

Send the scanned data from your machine to your email application as an attachment.
  • Use the Scan button on the machine to make temporary changes to the scan settings. To make permanent changes, use Brother iPrint&Scan.

  • To scan to email using the machine's Scan Button, make sure you select one of these applications in Brother iPrint&Scan:

    • Windows: Microsoft Outlook
    • Mac: Apple Mail

    For other applications and Webmail services, use the Scan to Image or Scan to File feature to scan a document, and then attach the scanned file to an email message.

  1. Load your document.
  2. Press [Scan]>[to PC]>[to E-mail].
  3. If the machine is connected over the network, press image or image to display the computer where you want to send data, and then select the computer name.

    If the LCD message prompts you to enter a PIN, use the LCD to enter the four-digit PIN for the computer, and then press [OK].

  4. To change the settings, press image[Options].

    To use image[Options], you must connect a computer with Brother iPrint&Scan installed to the machine.

  5. Press [Scan Settings]>[Set at Device].
  6. Select the scan settings you want to change, and then press [OK].
    2-sided Scan


    Select the 2-sided scan mode.

    Color Setting

    Select the color format for your document.


    Select the scan resolution for your document.

    File Type

    Select the file format for your document.

    Document Size

    Select your document size.


    Select the brightness level.


    Select the contrast level.

    Auto Deskew

    Correct any skewed documents when they are scanned.

    Skip Blank Page

    When On is selected, blank pages are skipped.

    Remove Background Color

    Change the amount of background color that is removed.

    • To save the settings as a shortcut, press [Save as Shortcut]. You will be asked if you want to make this a One Touch Shortcut. Follow the LCD instructions.
  7. Press [Start].
    The machine scans the document and saves it as a file attachment. It then launches your email application and opens a new, blank email message with the scanned file attached.
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