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Send Scanned Data to an Email Recipient

Send scanned data directly from your Brother machine to an email recipient without using a computer.
  • To send scanned data to an email recipient, you must configure your machine to communicate with your network and email server, which is used to send and receive emails.
  • You can configure these items from the machine's control panel or Web Based Management.
  • To use the Scan to Email Server function, your machine needs to be connected to a network and have access to an SMTP server. You will need the following SMTP email settings before you can proceed:
    • Server address

    • Port number

    • User name

    • Encryption type (SSL or TLS)

    • Email server certificate (if used)

    If you do not have these settings, contact your email service provider or network administrator.

  1. Load your document.
  2. Press [Scan]>[to E-mail Server].
    • If you have registered your email address with your user ID, the [to My E-mail] button appears when you log on to the machine using Secure Function Lock, Active Directory Authentication or LDAP Authentication.
    • To send scanned data to your email address, press [to My E-mail]. When your email address appears on the LCD, press [Next].
    • To enable this feature in Web Based Management, click Scan>Scan to E-mail Server in the left navigation menu. In the Send to My E-mail field, select On.
  3. Do one of the following to enter the destination email address:
    • To enter the email address manually, press [Manual], and then enter the email address using the character buttons on the LCD. When finished, press [OK].
    • If the email address is stored in the machine's address book, press [Address Book], and then select the email address.

      Press [OK].

  4. Confirm the email address, and then press [Next].
  5. To change the settings, press image[Options], and then go to the next step.
    • To set your own default settings: after making changes to settings, press the [Set New Default] option, and then press [Yes].
    • To restore the factory settings: press the [Factory Reset] option, and then press [Yes].
  6. Select the scan settings you want to change, and then press [OK].
    2-sided Scan


    Select the 2-sided scan mode.

    Color Setting

    Select the color format for your document.


    Select the scan resolution for your document.

    File Type

    Select the file format for your document.

    Document Size

    Select your document size.


    Select the brightness level.


    Select the contrast level.

    Margin Settings

    Adjust your document's margins.



    Preview a scan result on the LCD, before the scanned data is saved.

    • To save the settings as a shortcut, press [Save as Shortcut]. You will be asked if you want to make this a One Touch Shortcut. Follow the LCD instructions.
    • (MFC-J5955DW) To preview the scanned results before the scanned data is saved, press image and then press [Preview]. The machine scans the document and displays the scanned results on the LCD. If the scanned results are fine, press [Start] to save it and to finish processing.
  7. Press [Start].
    The machine starts scanning. If using the machine's scanner glass, follow the LCD instructions to complete the scanning job.
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