Other Problems

Copying Difficulties

Difficulties Suggestions

Black marks or spots appear in copies.

Black marks or spots on copies are typically caused by dirt or correction fluid on the scanner glass. Clean the scanner glass and white plastic above it.

See Related Information: Clean the Scanner.

Copies are blank.

Make sure you are loading the document correctly.

See Related Information: Load Documents on the Scanner Glass.

Fit to Page does not work correctly.

Make sure the document is not skewed on the scanner glass. Reposition the document and try again.

Copy speed is too slow.

To copy with normal quality, briefly press Mono Start or Color Start (do not press and hold). If you press and hold Mono Start or Color Start for two seconds, the machine makes a copy of the best quality, which will take more time.

Scanning Difficulties

Difficulties Suggestions

TWAIN or WIA errors appear when starting to scan. (Windows)

Make sure the Brother TWAIN or WIA driver is selected as the primary source in your scanning application. For example, in Nuance PaperPort 14SE, click Desktop > Scan Settings > Select to choose the Brother TWAIN/WIA driver.

OCR does not work.

Try increasing the scanning resolution.

Software Difficulties

Difficulties Suggestions

Cannot print.

Uninstall the drivers (Windows) and the Brother software and reinstall the latest version of both.

“The device is busy.” appears on the computer screen.

Make sure the machine's LEDs are not indicating any errors.

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