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Before Using Secure Function Lock 3.0

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Secure Function Lock lets you restrict public access to the following machine operations:

  • Scan to Web (supported models only)
  • Scan to PC/Scan to Workflow
  • Scan to Network
  • Scan to FTP/SFTP
  • Scan to Email Server
  • Scan to SharePoint (supported models only)
  • Scan to Apps (supported models only)
  • Scan to USB
  • Scan to WSS (Web Service Scan) (supported models only)

Secure Function Lock also prevents users from changing the default settings from the machine by limiting access to the machine’s settings.

Before using the security features you should first enter an administrator password. The administrator can set up restrictions for individual users along with a user password. Carefully write down your password. If you forget it, you will have to reset the password stored in the machine. For more information about how to reset the password, contact Brother customer service.

  • Only administrators can set limitations and make changes for each user.
  • When Secure Function Lock is enabled, the machine is in Public Mode. To access any machine functions that have been restricted using Secure Function Lock, press image, select your user name, and enter your password.
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