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Configure Secure Function Lock 3.0 Using Web Based Management

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  1. Start your web browser.
  2. Type "https://machine's IP address" in your browser's address bar (where "machine's IP address" is the machine's IP address).
    For example:

  3. If required, type the password in the Login field, and then click Login.
    The default password to manage this machine’s settings is located on the back of the machine and marked "Pwd".
  4. Go to the navigation menu, and then click Administrator > Restriction Management or User Restriction Function.
    Start from image, if the navigation menu is not shown on the left side of the screen.
  5. Select Secure Function Lock.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click the Restricted Functions menu.
  8. In the User List / Restricted Functions field, type a group name or user name.
  9. In the Scan to columns, select a checkbox to allow, or clear a checkbox to restrict, the function listed.
  10. Click Submit.
  11. Click the User List menu.
  12. In the User List field, type the user name.
  13. In the PIN Number field, type a password.
    The number of characters you can set differs depending on the model.
  14. In the E-mail Address field, type the user's email address (available only for certain models).
  15. To register the user's Card ID, type the card number in the Card ID (NFC ID) field.
  16. Select User List / Restricted Functions from the drop-down list for each user.
  17. Select Home Screen from the drop-down list for each user.
  18. Click Submit.
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