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b-PAC Download Update History

Update History 2006 - 2015

  • Ver. 3.1.004 08/07/2015
    • Minor bug fix.
  • Ver. 3.1.003 10/21/2014
    • Added support for "PrintEvent" method by script languages(VBScript, JScript, etc.).
  • Ver. 3.1.001 01/17/2014
    • New machine PT-P700, PT-H500, PT-E500 have been supported.
    • Supports b-PAC SDK(32bit/64bit Version).
    • Supports P-touch Editor 5.1.
  • Ver. 3.0.017 04/23/2013
    • Added support for the TD-2020/2120N/2130N.
    • Supports Microsoft Windows 8.
  • Ver. 3.0.015 01/17/2012
    • Add support for QL-700.
  • Ver. 3.0.014 07/26/2011
    • An error with end of the month date and time object is fixed.
  • Ver. 3.0.013 04/27/2011
    • An error with the network, GetMediaId, GetMediaName defect method fails is fixed.
    • An error with "M_pPrinter-> CreatePrinterDC () - (6)The handle is invalid" is fixed.
    • User Guide is modified and appended.
  • Ver. 3.0.012 10/18/2010
    • An error with which 2D code was not printed is fixed.
    • An error with which unnecessary massage was shown is fixed.
    • An error with which Job Name was not shown when Print Job Name was assigned is fixed.
    • Wrong description with sample application and help are fixed.
    • An error with which Print Option did not work when print from RL-700S is fixed.
    • An error with which the settings of High Resolution and High Speed Print when print from PT-9700PC/PT-9800PCN is fixed.
    • Errors with sample application are fixed.
  • Ver. 3.0.010 02/01/2010
    • Supports Microsoft Windows 7.
    • RFID SDK is integrated.
    • New functions such as error acquisition are added.
  • Ver. 2.0.3 05/05/2009
    • Added support for the PT-2430PC and PT-1230PC.
    • Minor bug fixes.
    • VC# sample application is added.
  • Ver. 2.0.1 05/09/2008
    • Supports .lbx label file format (P-touch Editor 5.0).
  • Ver. 1.5.6 07/19/2008
    • Added support for the QL-560.
    • Minor bug fixes.
    • URL updated in the documentation.
  • Ver. 1.5.5 12/27/2006
    • The "Cut at End" and "Gives priority to print quality" functions for QL are added.
    • Detailed explanation about cut options, how to keep the aspect ratio of an image, and how to set the control code of Code128/EAN128 barcode data are added to the document.



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