Dimensions approx. 118 mm (W) x 192 mm (D) x 146 mm (H)
Weight approx. 1508 g (without tape cassette, battery base and batteries)

LED indicators

Status indicator, Battery indicator, Power indicator, Wi-Fi indicator


Power button, Feed&Cut button, Wi-Fi button


Method Thermal Transfer
Print head 454 dot/360 dpi
Print resolution Standard 360 dpi x 360 dpi
High resolution mode: 360 dpi x 720 dpi *1
High speed mode: 360 dpi x 180 dpi *1
High quality mode: 360 dpi x 360 dpi *2
Print speed AC Adapter: max. 60 mm/sec.
(High resolution mode: max. 30 mm/sec.) *1
(High speed mode: max. 80 mm/sec) *1
(High quality mode: 20 mm/sec) *2
Battery: 20 mm/sec. - 60 mm/sec.
(High quality mode: 20 mm/sec.) *2
Actual print speed varies depending on the conditions.
Cassette ▪ Brother TZe tape cassette :
3.5 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 18 mm, 24 mm, 36 mm widths

▪ Brother FLe label cassette :
21 mm x 45 mm

▪ Brother HSe tube cassette :
5.8 mm, 6 mm, 8.8 mm, 9 mm, 11.7 mm, 12 mm, 17.7 mm, 23.6 mm 24 mm, 36mm widths
Maximum printing width 32.0 mm


USB port Version 2.0 Full Speed (Peripheral)
Wi-Fi ▪ Wireless Direct: IEEE 802.11n
▪ Ad-hoc mode: IEEE 802.11b *3
▪ Infrastructure mode: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
▪ WPS 2.0
Serial port RS232C (The serial adapter (optional) is required.)

Power Supply

Adapter AC adapter (AD9100ESA): 24 V AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Battery (Optional) Li-ion Battery (PA-BT-4000LI): 14.4 V
Auto Power-off Li-ion Battery (PA-BT-4000LI): 30 min
AC adapter (AD9100ESA): 4 h


Cutter Auto full cutter/auto “crack and peel” cutter
Operating temperature / humidity When running: between 10°C and 35°C / between 20% and 80%
max. wet bulb temperature: 27°C
*1 The high resolution mode or high speed mode can be used if the AC adapter is connected and TZe laminated tape with black ink is installed. You cannot use this function for TZe-FX**1 tape.
*2 The high quality mode can be used if TZe laminated tape with black ink is installed. You cannot use this function for TZe-FX**1 tape. If you cannot select the high quality mode using the printer driver, you must update the printer driver or firmware.
*3 Not all computers, mobile devices, and operating systems, may support Ad-hoc mode.