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Date: 05/07/2018 ID: faq00002640_000

The error message "xxxx cannot be found. ... (CC3-202-03031b02)" appears when scanning a document using ControlCenter3 on Windows 7 with the USB connection.

Error Screen

Please make sure that your Brother machine is ON and it is correctly connected to your computer by the USB cable.


If the Full Driver & Software Packages downloaded from the "Download" section was installed into your computer with the built-in driver already installed, the TWAIN driver was not installed. Since ControlCenter3 uses the TWAIN driver when scanning, this error occurs. Please go to Step 1 to check if the TWAIN driver is installed correctly.

  • The built-in driver is included with Windows 7 and installed automatically by connecting your machine to the Windows 7 computer via the USB interface. The built-in driver is also called "Inbox driver".
  • TWAIN driver makes the scanner compatible with any TWAIN-supporting software.


Step 1: How to check if the TWAIN driver is installed correctly

  1. Make sure that your Brother machine is ON and it is correctly connected to your computer by the USB cable.
  2. Click Start => Control Panel => Hardware and Sound => Device Manager.
    Hardware and Sound
  3. Click Imaging devices. Right-click your Brother machine and select Properties.
    Device Manager
  4. Click Driver tab and Driver Details button.
  5. Check if the C:\\Windows\TWAIN_32\BrMfSc09b folder exists.
    Even if you use Windows 7 64-bit, check for the C:\\Windows\TWAIN_32\BrMfSc09b folder.
    Driver File Details


    • If you do not see this folder, the TWAIN driver is not installed. To install the TWAIN driver, you need to uninstall the Full Driver & Software Packages and reinstall them. Please go to Step 2.
    • If you see the folder, the TWAIN driver is installed correctly. It is thought the error arises from other causes. Please refer to other "FAQs & Troubleshooting" or contact Brother Customer Service from "Contact Us".


Step 2: How to uninstall and reinstall the Full Driver & Software Packages

  1. Click Start => All Programs => Brother => xxxx (where xxxx = your model name) => Uninstall and follow the instructions on screen.
    Uninstall Menu
  2. After completing the uninstall process, please make sure you disconnect the USB cable between your machine and computer.
  3. Click the link below to download and reinstall the latest "Full Driver & Software Packages".

    - Full Driver & Software Packages for "32-bit"

    - Full Driver & Software Packages for "64-bit"


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If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service:

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