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Date: 24/01/2019 ID: faq00100598_000

I'm using a Debian based distribution (e.g. Ubuntu, Kubuntu etc). When installing the CUPS Wrapper driver, I get the following error message: "/usr/local/Brother/cupswrapper/cupswrapperXXXX: No such file or directory". (Linux)

1. Uninstall cupswrapper:

  1. Comment out the lines which include "lpadmin" from:
  2. Uninstall cupswrapper
    dpkg -r cuprwrapperXXXX
    dpkg --purge cupswrapperXXXX


2. Modify the package:

  1. Unpack the package
    dpkg --unpack cupswrapperXXXX.x.x.x-x.dpkg
  2. Open /usr/local/Brother/cupswrapper/cupswrapperXXXXX to edit.
  3. Look for the line with "lpadmin -p XXXXXX -E -v .......".
  4. Change "-m" to "-P" in the line
  5. Add the file-path of the PPD file written in the line.
    the file path = "/usr/share/cups/model/"


BEFORE (Type the whole command as a single line before hitting enter).:
lpadmin -p MFC9420CN -E -v usb:/dev/usb/lp0 -m brmfc9420cn.ppd
AFTER (Type the whole command as a single line before hitting enter).:
lpadmin -p MFC9420CN -E -v usb:/dev/usb/lp0 -P /usr/share/cups/model/brmfc9420cn.ppd

*** if you use Debian and it doesn't have lpadmin, please delete the whole line which refers to lpadmin.


3. Run the install script

  1. dpkg --configure cupswrapperXXXX.x.x.x-x.dpkg

    *** if you deleted the line about lpadmin, access http://localhost:631/printers
    click "Add printer" and follow the instructions to install.

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