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Date: 01/27/2014 ID: faq00000216_016

Spots are printed at 75mm.

Spots are printed 75mm (2.95 in.) apart down the page.



First try printing a few pages to try and clean the drum unit. If the problem is not solved after printing a few pages, the drum unit may have glue from a label stuck on the drum surface.

Follow the steps below to perform additional cleaning of the drum unit.

  1. Clean the drum unit in Drum Cleaning mode.


    1. Press the front cover release button and then open the front cover.


    1. Close the front cover of the machine. The machine starts warming up.
    2. Pull out the MP tray support and unfold the flap.

    3. Put a blank sheet of paper in the MP tray.
    4. When the machine finishes warming up, press Clear / Back first and then press the Left Arrow key.
      Keep Clear / Back and the Left Arrow key pressed down until "DRUM CLEANING" is displayed on the LCD.
    5. Press Black(Mono) Start or Color(Colour) Start.
      The paper will feed into the machine to start the drum cleaning.
    6. When "DRUM CLEANING / COMPLETED" is displayed on the LCD, press Stop / Exit.
    7. Try to print again.
      If this problem still remains, repeat steps a- g several times.

      We recommend this cleaning operation once a month to keep the best quality.

  2. Pull the drum unit out from the machine and clean it. See "How do I clean the drum unit?".
    If the problem is not solved after doing step 2, repeat step 1 again.
  3. If this problem is not solved after doing steps 1 and 2, the drum unit may be damaged.
    Replace the drum unit with a new one. See "How do I replace the drum unit?".

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