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Date: 05/14/2013 ID: faq00000565_006

"Unable to..." message appearing on the LCD. What does it mean and how do I clear it?

When trying to use your Brother machine you get the message "Unable to _____". The blank may be the word Change, Print, Scan or Clean and these words may vary from model to model.
This message is a general message and will appear for different reasons. It often indicates a paper jam or a mechanical issue. Complete the following to determine the possible issue.

  1. Check for foreign objects, such as a clip or ripped paper, inside the machine.
    Open the control panel cover and remove any foreign obstacles from inside the fax machine. Look inside the machine and remove any foreign objects. If you see jammed paper or another item inside this area, gently pull it out and then close the top cover securely.
  1. If the error continues to appear, the machine may have a mechanical problem.
    If the error message continues to appear, the machine will need to be reset. Resetting the machine will erase all faxes in memory and the Fax Journal Report. However, there is a way to transfer faxes in memory and the Fax Journal Report to another fax machine to print them out. Do the following to transfer the data and reset the machine:

In order to transfer data from your fax machine to another, you must have the station ID programmed in your fax machine.


Step1: Transfer the Fax Journal Report

  1. Press Menu/Set on the Control Panel of the machine.
  2. Press the up or down navigation key until Service appears on the LCD. Then press Menu/Set.
  3. Press the up or down navigation key until Data Transfer appears on the LCD. Then press Menu/Set.
  4. The LCD will prompt you to enter a fax number. Enter the number of the fax that you want to receive and print the report. Press Start.

Step2: Verify and Transfer faxes in memory

  1. Click here to check the instructions.


Step3: Reset the machine


After the Fax Journal Report and faxes in memory are transferred to another fax machine, disconnect the Brother machine from the power source for several minutes and then reconnect it.


If the message continues to appear on the LCD, please contact Brother Customer Service.

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If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service:

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