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Date: 02/08/2024 ID: faqp00100492_000

The print result does not improve even if I adjust the print density.

Try to adjust the print density using the [Energy Rank] setting in the Paper Size Setup or the [Print Density] or [Auto Speed Configuration] setting in the Device Settings:


  1. Update the firmware using the Firmware Update Tool.

    You can download the Firmware Update Tool from the [Downloads] section of this website.

  2. Open the Device Settings in the Printer Setting Tool.
  3. Change the setting for [Auto Speed Configuration], and then click [Apply].
    To increase the print density: On
    To decrease the print density: OffAuto Speed Configuration

    If you want to fine tune, also change the value for [Print Density].
    Available values: -5 - +5

  4. Open the Paper Size Setup in the Printer Setting Tool.

  5. Select the currently registered paper size and click [Edit...].
     Paper Size Setup

  6. Click [Advanced Printing Adjustments...].

  7. Change the value for [Energy Rank], and then click [OK].
    Available values: 1 – 30
    Advanced Printing Adjustments

  8. Try to print again and check the print result.
    If the print result is not as expected, repeat steps 4 – 8.

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