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Date: 10/01/2023 ID: faqp00100577_000

Although "Auto Power On" or "Power On When Plugged in" is set to On in the Printer Setting Tool, the printer does not turn on automatically.

Your printer's design assumes that you leave it plugged in for an extended period of time - for example, you turn it on when you start work in the morning and turn it off when you finish work in the evening.
Due to the energy-saving design of the circuits, the printer requires some time before it turns on automatically after you plug the printer in again soon after unplugging it.
The length of time required for your printer to turn on automatically soon after being unplugged depends on your printer's model and the voltage - refer to the table below for this information.

Printer Model Power Supply
100 V 200 V
TD-4550DNWB 20 minutes maximum 20 minutes maximum
QL-820NWB/820NWBc 39 seconds maximum 75 seconds maximum
40 seconds maximum 90 seconds maximum
TD-2020A/2030ABK/2125N/2125NWB/2135N/2135NWB 120 seconds maximum


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PJ-763, PJ-763MFi, PJ-773, PT-P900W, PT-P950NW, QL-1100, QL-1110NWB, QL-800, QL-820NWB, TD-2020/2020A, TD-2120N, TD-2125N, TD-2125NWB, TD-2130N, TD-4550DNWB

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