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Date: 27/11/2019 ID: faq00100637_007

Print command (LPR) (Linux)

CUPS Users Only
The LPR command is not available in CUPS. To configure your machine, use your application's print dialog box or the CUPS web interface "http://localhost:631/printers".

Print Command :
lpr -P (printer name) (filename)


Configuration Command :
brprintconf_(model name) [Option]

You can view the details of Parameter by the following command.
Command: brprintconf_{Model Name without "-"}
E.g. MFC-J430W: brprintconf_mfcj430w

Option Table

Features Option Parameter Example
Media -MediaType [parameter] Plain
Resolution -BRResolution [parameter] Normal
Mirror Print -BRMirror [parameter] ON
Paper Type -Paper [parameter] A4
Paper Source -InputSlot [parameter] AutoSelect
Color Or Mono -BRMonoColor [parameter] Auto
Color Match -BRColorMatching [parameter] VividText
Enhanced Black Printing -BREnhanceBlkPrt [parameter] ON
Brightness -BRBrightness [parameter] [-20 - +20]
Contrast -BRContrast [parameter] [-20 - +20]
Red Key -BRRed [parameter] [-20 - +20]
Green Key -BRGreen [parameter] [-20 - +20]
Blue Key -BRBlue [parameter] [-20 - +20]
Saturation -BRSaturation [parameter] [-20 - +20]
Impove Gray -BRGray [parameter] ON
Toner Save Mode -TonerSaveMode [parameter] ON
Reverse -BRReverse [parameter] ON
Duplex -Duplex [parameter] DuplexTumble


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