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Innov-is NV880E

Veelgestelde vragen en probleemoplossing

Veelgestelde vragen en probleemoplossing

Innov-is NV880E

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Datum: 19-11-2021 Nummer: faqh00101118_004

How to set up the wireless network connection with the wizard on the machine

 -Operations available with a wireless network connection-

This machine supports a wireless network connection. The following useful operations will be available if the machine is connected to a wireless network.


  • Wirelessly transfer an embroidery pattern from your computer to the machine by using the dedicated Windows application (Design Database Transfer).

  • Wirelessly transfer to the machine an embroidery pattern edited with embroidery editing software (PE-DESIGN version 11 or later) on a computer. Also, transfer to PE-DESIGN an embroidery pattern edited on the machine.


For more information about Design Database Transfer and PE-DESIGN, click here to visit the introduction page.

  • Connect the machine and your computer to the same network.
  • Settings must be specified in Design Database Transfer or PE-DESIGN.



Requirements for a Wireless Network Connection

The wireless network connection complies with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standards and uses the 2.4 GHz frequency.

A wireless network cannot be set up with WPA/WPA2 Enterprise.



Setting up the wireless network connection

In order to to set up the wireless network connection, we recommend the method that uses the wizard on this machine.


1. Before setting up


In order to connect your machine to a wireless network, the security information (SSID and network key) for your home network will be required. The network key may also be called a password, security key or encryption key. First, check your security information.

The wireless network connection cannot be set up if you do not have the security information.
Find the security information for your home network as noted below

  • See the side of your home network access point/router. The information may be listed on the label on the network access point/router.

    (1) SSID

    (2) Network Password (Key)

    * The illustration shown above is an example.
  • Check the manual provided with your home network.
  • The default SSID may be the manufacturer's name or the model name.


If you cannot find the security information, contact the manufacturer of the router, your network administrator or your Internet provider.


* Some SSIDs and network keys (passwords) may be case sensitive.


2. Specifying wireless network connection settings


  1. Press settings key to display the settings screen.

  2. Display page 8 by pressing back key / next key.

  3. Set "Wireless LAN Enable" to "ON".

    ⇒ The machine prepares for wireless connection.


3. Using the wizard to set up the wireless network connection


There are multiple ways to set up the wireless network connection. We recommend the method that uses the wizard on this machine.

  1. Press ">" key beside Wireless LAN Setup Wizard.

    ⇒ A list of available SSIDs appears.
  2. Select your SSID.

    ⇒ The screen for entering the network key (password) appears.
    • When displaying next or previous pages, press back key or next key key.
    • If the desired SSID is not listed, specify it as described below.
      1. Press New SSID key in the end of the SSID list.
      2. Enter the desired SSID, and then press OK key.
      3. Select the authentication method and encryption mode.
    • If using a previous connection, press Saved SSID key and then select the saved SSID.

  3. Enter the network key (password), and then press OK key.
  4. When the message "Apply Settings?" appears, press OK key.

    ⇒ When a connection is established, the following message appears.

  5. Press OK key to exit the setup.

    ⇒ Use the Machine name on page 9 of the settings screen for the wireless LAN function.
  • While connected, the signal strength can be confirmed by the wireless LAN key in the lower right of the pattern type selection screen.

    pattern type selection screen
  • Once a wireless network connection has been set up, a wireless network connection will be established each time the machine is turned on. However, “Wireless LAN Enable” in the wireless LAN settings screen must remain set to “ON”.



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