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Innov-is NV880E

Veelgestelde vragen en probleemoplossing

Veelgestelde vragen en probleemoplossing

Innov-is NV880E

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Datum: 26-07-2016 Nummer: faqh00000463_005

How do I thread the machine (Threading the upper thread)?

  • Three spool cap sizes are available, allowing you to choose a spool cap that best fits the size of spool being used. If the spool cap is too small for the spool being used, the thread may catch on the slit in the spool or the needle may break.

  • When threading the upper thread, carefully follow the instructions. If the upper threading is not correct, the thread may become tangled or the needle may bend or break.
  • Never use a thread weight of 20 or lower.


Threading the upper thread


  1. Turn on the sewing machine.
  2. Raise the presser foot lever to raise the presser foot.
    image (1) Presser foot lever

    The upper thread shutter opens so the machine can be threaded.

    If the presser foot is not raised, the machine cannot be threaded.

  3. Press image  (Needle position button) once or twice to raise the needle.
    image (1) Needle position button

    The needle is correctly raised when the mark on the handwheel is at the top, as shown below. Check the handwheel and, if this mark is not at this position, press image (Needle position button) until it is.

    image (1) Mark on handwheel
  4. Remove the spool cap that is inserted onto the spool.
    image (1) Spool pin

    (2) Spool cap


  5. Place the spool of thread onto the spool pin.

    Slide the spool onto the pin so that the spool is horizontal and the thread unwinds to the front at the bottom.


    • If the spool or the spool cap is not positioned correctly, the thread may become tangled around the spool pin or thread guide and the needle may break.


  6. Slide the spool cap onto the spool pin. Slide the spool cap as far as possible to the right, as shown, with the rounded side on the left.




  7. While holding the thread lightly with your right hand, pull the thread with your left hand, and then pass the thread behind the thread guide cover and to the front.
    image (1) Thread guide cover


  8. Pass the thread under the thread guide plate, and then pull it up.
    image 1 Thread guide plate


  9. While using your right hand to lightly hold the thread passed under the thread guide plate, pass the thread through the guides in the order shown below.



    • If the presser foot has been lowered and the shutter is closed, the machine cannot be threaded. Be sure to raise the presser foot to open the shutter before threading the machine. In addition, before removing the upper thread, be sure to raise the presser foot to open the shutter.
    • This machine is equipped with a window that allows you to check the position of the take-up lever. Look through this window and check that the thread is correctly fed through the take-up lever.


  10. Press image.
    When the message “OK to automatically lower the presser foot? ” appears on the LCD screen, press "OK"  to continue.

    The screen changes, and all keys and operation buttons are locked (except image).


  11. Slide the thread behind the needle bar thread guide.

    The thread can easily be slid behind the needle bar thread guide by holding the thread in your left hand, then feeding the thread with your right hand, as shown.

    image 1 Needle bar thread guide


  12. Raise the presser foot lever.
    image (1) Presser foot lever


Threading the needle

  • The needle threader can be used with machine needles 75/11 through 100/16.
  • If the needle threader cannot be used, threading the needle manually (without using the needle threader).
  1. Pull the end of the thread, which has been passed through the needle bar thread guide, to the left, then pass the thread through the notch of the threader thread guide(A), and then firmly pull the thread from the front and insert it into the slit of the threader thread guide disk marked “7” all the way(B).
    image (1) Notch of the threader thread guide

    (2) Threader thread guide disk


  2. Cut the thread with the cutter on the left side of the machine.
    image (1) Cutter
    • If the thread is pulled through and cannot be cut correctly, lower the presser foot lever so that the thread is held in place before cutting the thread. If this operation is performed, skip step 3.
    • When using thread that quickly winds off the spool, such as metallic thread, it may be difficult to thread the needle if the thread is cut. Therefore, instead of using the thread cutter, pull out about 80 mm (approx. 3 inches) of thread after passing it through the threader thread guide disks (marked “7”).
    image (1) 80 mm (approx. 3 inches) or more
  3. Lower the presser foot lever to lower the presser foot.
    image (1) Presser foot lever


  4. Lower the needle threader lever on the left side of the machine until it clicks, and then slowly return the lever to its original position.
    image (1) Hook

    (2) Needle threader lever

    If the needle is not raised to it's highest position, the needle threader cannot thread the needle.

    Turn handwheel counterclockwise until the needle is at its highest position.

    image (1) Mark on handwheel
  5. Carefully pull the end of thread that was passed through the eye of the needle.



    If the needle was not completely threaded, but a loop in the thread was formed in the eye of the needle, carefully pull the loop through the eye of the needle to pull out the end of the thread.

    When pulling out the thread, do not pull it with extreme force, otherwise the needle may break or bend.


  6. Raise the presser foot lever, pass the end of the thread through and under the presser foot, and then pull out about 5 cm (approx. 2 inches) of thread toward the rear of the machine.
    image (1) 5 cm (approx. 2 inches)


  7. Press image  to unlock all keys and buttons.

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