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Date: 16/10/2006 ID: faq00002138_001

How do I turn off the Quick Print Setup?

For Windows 95/98/Me

  1. Click "Start" , "Settings" then "Printers".
  2. Select "HL-XXXX series" icon, then open "Properties".
  3. Select "Advanced" tab.
  4. Select "Device Options" icon.
  5. Select "Quick Print Setup".
  6. Choose "Off".
  7. Click "OK" button.

For Windows NT4.0/2000

  1. Click "Start", "Settings", then "Printers".
  2. Select "HL-XXXX series" icon.
  3. Right click "HL-XXXX series" icon, then selct "Printing Preferences".
  4. Select "Advanced" tab.
  5. Select "Device Options" icon.
  6. Select "Quick Print Setup".
  7. Choose "Off".
  8. Click "OK" button.

    **The portion "XXXX" may vary on your model name.

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