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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

I can print but cannot scan via network. (For Windows)

It's possible that the network setting for the scanner driver is incorrect.
Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

NOTE: Illustrations shown below are from a representative product and operating system, and may differ from your Brother machine and operating system.


Step 1: Verify the Brother machine is powered on and there are no errors

  1. If the machine's display (hereinafter called LCD) is blank, then the Brother machine is not powered on or is in sleep mode. Press a button on the machine to see if it wakes from sleep mode. If it does not, then verify that it is plugged into a working outlet and any power switches are turned to the ON position.
    If you are unable to power on the machine, then this solution does not apply. Troubleshoot this hardware issue.
  2. Check the LCD screen for any error messages. An example would be "Paper Jam" or "Ink/Toner Empty". If the LCD screen shows an error, troubleshoot to clear the issue indicated.


Step 2: Check the connection

To use the network scanning feature, you need to configure your Brother machine in the peer-to-peer network environment.


In a network shared environment, the scanning feature works from a server PC, but does not work from client PCs.




Step 3: Check your Brother machine is available to print

  1. Open the Printer Properties. (Click here to see the details of how to open Printer Properties.)
  2. Click Print Test Page.



    If you can not print the test page, refer to "I cannot print from my computer via network. (For Windows)".


Step 4: Check the scanner driver

Open scanner list and check the scanner icon of your Brother machine exists there.
> Click here to see how to open the "Scanners and Cameras".


If the scanner icon of your Brother machine does not exist there, you need to install the scanner driver.

Go to Downloads section of this website and download Full Driver & Software Package. The installation instructions are available on the download page.



Step 5: Check the IP Address of your Brother machine

Obtain the machine's IP address by printing a Network Configuration List.
> Click here to see how to print the Network Configuration List.



Step 6: Set the IP Address on the Scanner Driver

NOTE: The steps may differ depending on the operating system being used.

  1. Open Scanner Properties. (Click here to see how to open Scanner Properties.)
  2. Click Network Setting tab and select Specify your machine by address.
  3. Enter the IP Address you confirmed in the Step 5 and click OK.



  • If an IP Address conflict occurs, please consult a network administrator to get a correct IP address.
  • Obtain the machine's Boot Method setting using the Network Configuration report you printed earlier.

    If the Boot Method (IP Config) is AUTO, change it to STATIC. For details, please refer to the User's Guide or Network User's Guide.

Step7: Check for a firewall setting on your computer

If a Firewall on your computer is active, it may be rejecting the necessary network connection needed for the network scanning software to operate properly. Disable the Firewall on your computer and try the network scanning again.

Temporarily change your firewall/security settings to allow network connection

Your computer's firewall/security software may be preventing the network connection from being established. If you receive firewall-related notifications, we recommend temporarily changing the security settings on your computer to establish the connection.

Customize Settings


  • Before disabling the firewall, make sure the changes you want to make are suitable for your network. Brother will not take any responsibility for any consequences of disabling the firewall.
  • When finished, make sure to turn the firewall on again.

If the feature works properly after disabling the Firewall, this means the Firewall on your computer is rejecting the necessary network connection. In this case, Brother recommends you either disable the Firewall on your computer whenever you need to network scan using the scan key or leave the Firewall enabled and adjust the Firewall settings.

If the firewall blocks network communication, we recommend adding the following Internal/External ports in your firewall:

  • UDP: 54925
  • UDP: 137
  • UDP: 161

If the issue still continues after changing the Firewall settings, refer to "FAQs & Troubleshooting" for other information.


Step 8: Uninstall and reinstall the Brother drivers

  1. Uninstall and reinstall the Brother drivers.

    For Windows XP SP2 or greater or Windows Vista Users: If a firewall is detected, select Change the Firewall port settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation (Recommended). You may have to click NEXT to continue.

    If you are using a firewall other than Windows Firewall or Windows Firewall is off, you may receive a message warning you that the firewall could block network communication. See the instructions provided with your firewall software for information on how to add the following network ports:


    • For network scanning, add UDP port 54925.
    • If you still have trouble with your network connection, add UDP port 137 and 161.
  2. Attempt to scan again to determine if the issue has been resolved. If you are still unable to scan:


    • Verify that there are no security applications or firewalls running on the computer that could prevent network communication.
    • Attempt to scan from another network-connected computer.
    These steps will help you determine if the issue is specific to this computer. If you can scan from other computers, then contact your computer manufacturer or network administrator for assistance troubleshooting this specific computer.

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If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service:

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