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FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

What is the life of the consumables?

Life span of consumables (in printable pages) is as follows.

 Consumable  Number of printable pages(*)
 Black toner cartridge  About 8,500 pages
 Yellow toner cartridge  About 6,000pages
 Magenta toner cartridge  About 6,000 pages
 Cyan toner cartridge  About 6,000 pages
 Print Head Cartridge  About 30,000 pages
 Transfer roll cartridge
(includes waste toner collection box)
 About 25,000 pages
 Fuser unit  About 100,000 pages
(Call your dealer or Brother Customer Service for a replacement Fuser cartridge.)


(*)  The number of printable pages corresponds to the printing conditions in the table below. The actual number of printable pages depends on the content of printed material, the paper size, and the operating environment.
Differences in number of sheets printed may occur due to power on/off initialization and print quality maintenance operation.

Paper Size A4 portrait
Coverage 5%
Monochrome/color ratio 1:1
Average number of sheets in a single print run 4

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