FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

The sewing stitch design data cannot be transferred from PE-DESIGN 11 to the sewing machine via the wireless network.

Check the following points or solutions.


1. Home network (Wireless LAN access point)

  • Make sure that the home network (wireless LAN access point) has been turned on.
  • Move the machine or computer installed with PE-DESIGN 11 so that no objects block the signals between them, or move them closer to the wireless LAN access point.
  • If the wireless LAN access point is filtering, check the settings.
    For details, refer to the manual for your wireless LAN access point.


2. Sewing machine

  • Data transfer function via the wireless network is available only when sewing with our wireless LAN-compatible sewing machines.
    Be sure that the sewing machine supports a wireless network connection.
  • Be sure that the sewing machine connects to the same home network as the computer that PE-DESIGN 11 is installed.
    If the computer and the sewing machine are connected to different home network, stitch patterns cannot be transferred or imported.
  • Be sure that the sewing machine is turned on.
  • Check the wireless signal strength icon indicated in the sewing machine's display.
    If the icon is OFF, the network setting on the machine may be incorrect. Check the machine settings for the wireless connection.
    If the signal strength is low, move your machine and WLAN access point/router closely, and try it again.



  • Be sure that the desired sewing machine is registered with PE-DESIGN 11.


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