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Vanliga frågor & felsökning

Replacement Criteria

For the safe operation of this machine, replace the following consumables according to the replacement criteria. To purchase parts, contact the retailer who sold you this machine or the nearest authorized service center.

Depending on the machine model, some accessories listed in the chart may not be included.
In that case, they must be purchased separately.



  • When the mat’s adhesive strength decreases
  • When there are many cutting traces in the mat

The cutting mats used by this machine have been redeveloped with a different design, type, function, etc.
For details, refer to Important information about Mat.



Cutting blade

  • When the cuts in the material become rough, reducing the quality of the finished product
  • When the cutting edge becomes blunt
  • When the blade is chipped (If it cannot cut even though the blade extension or cutting pressure is set higher than necessary, the blade may be chipped.)



High tack adhesive fabric support sheet

  • When the sheet’s adhesive strength decreases
  • When fabric attached becomes twisted while being cut



Scanning mat

  • When the mat and cover sheet become dirty, reducing the quality of the scan image



Erasable pen

  • When the ink is dry and not marking the fabric properly
  • When the ink is used completely



Color pen

  • When the ink is dry and not marking the paper or material properly
  • When the ink is used completely

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