How do I connect the printer and my computer via Bluetooth®? (Windows 10 S)

Follow the steps below:


  1. From the Start menu, click [Settings] - [Device] - [Bluetooth and other devices].

  2. Click [Add Bluetooth or other device].

  3. Select [Bluetooth].

  4. Select your printer to complete pairing.

  5. Open [Devices and Printers].

  6. Right-click the printer icon, and select [Properties].

  7. Open the [Service] tab, and note the port name ("COM" plus a number) at the right of [Serial port (SPP)].

  8. Connect the computer and the printer using a USB cable.
    A message "Device setup complete" appears on the lower right of your computer's screen, and a printer icon appears in [Devices and Printers].

  9. Right-click the printer icon, and select [Printer Properties].

  10. Open the [Port] tab, and select the port name noted in step 7.

  11. Click [OK] to close the properties dialog box.

  12. Close the printers window to finish.

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