How to Change the Pen Adjuster

There are two pen adjusters: A (for a 3.5 mm pen tip) and B (for a 2.0 mm pen tip).
Change the pen adjuster according to the pen to be used.



  1. Push down on the release lever on the calligraphy stand.
    image (1) Release lever


  2. Rotate the tab on the back of the pen adjuster to align the indicator with the unlock position (image).

    image image
    (1) Tab           (2) Indicator           (3) Unlock position


  3. From the bottom of the tab, push up the pen adjuster (A), and then remove it from the calligraphy stand (B).



  4. Install the pen adjuster into the calligraphy stand, aligning the indicator on the pen adjuster being installed with the unlock position.


  5. Rotate the tab on the pen adjuster to move the indicator away to position 1 or 2 from the unlock position.




    (1) Indicator 



    Pen adjuster

    image Indicator*
    Indicator position 1 Indicator position 2
    image image
    (1) Release lever (2) Pen adjuster Indicator* (3) A or B depending on the pen adjuster

    * Rotate the tab on the back of the pen adjuster to align the calligraphy font to be used. 
       For details on the Indicator, refer to About the Indicator on the Pen Adjuster.


  6. Return the release lever on the calligraphy stand to its original position.




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