Preguntas frecuentes y solución de problemas

Preguntas frecuentes y solución de problemas

How do I clean the machine? (Cleaning the race)

Sewing performance will suffer if dust collects in the bobbin case; therefore, it should be cleaned periodically.


Make sure you unplug the machine before you clean it.
Otherwise, you may get an electric shock or be injured.


  1. Turn off the machine, and then unplug the power cord.


  2. Remove the needle.

    Refer to How do I change the needle?

  3. Remove the presser foot and presser foot holder.   

    Refer to How do I remove or attach the presser foot? and How do I remove the presser foot holder?


  4. Grasp both sides of the needle plate cover, and then slide it toward you to remove the needle plate cover.


    image (1) Needle plate cover


  5. Remove the bobbin case.
    image (1) Bobbin case


    * Grasp the bobbin case, and then pull it out.


  6. Use the cleaning brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust from the race and its surrounding area.
    image (1) Cleaning brush
    (2) Race

    Do not put oil on the bobbin case.



  7. Insert the bobbin case so that the image mark on the bobbin case aligns with the image mark on the race.

    (1) image mark

    (2) image mark

    (3) Bobbin case

    *  Align the  triangle-mark  and  image  marks.



    Make sure that the indicated points are aligned before installing the bobbin case.


    • Never use a bobbin case that is scratched, otherwise the upper thread may become tangled, the needle may break or sewing performance may suffer.
      For a new bobbin case (part code: XE7560-001), contact your nearest authorized service center.
    • Make sure that you fit the bobbin case properly, otherwise the needle may break.


  8. Put the tabs on the needle plate cover into the needle plate, and then slide the cover back on.




  9. Install the presser foot holder and presser foot.


  10. Install the needle.


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