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Preguntas frecuentes y Solución de problemas

Command List of brscan. (Linux)

> Stop Scan-key-tool
> List available Brother devices
> Change the name of the target user
> Set password
> Hide a scanner device from Scan-key-tool (Available only with network connected scanner)
> Change the action of scan-key-tool


Stop Scan-key-tool

Command:  brscan-skey  -t

List available Brother devices

Command:  brscan-skey  -l

Change the name of the target user
  1. Login as the user which you want to change the target name which is displayed on the scanner LCD.
  2. Change the name for brscan-skey.

    Command:  brscan-skey  -u  (Newname-for-brscan-skey)
  3. Restart brscan-skey.

    Command(Stop): brscan-skey  -t
    Command(Start): brscan-skey

***The new user name must be less than 16 characters, only alphabet and numbers can be used.
***Command without the name parameter will reset the name for brscan-skey.

Set password
  1. Run brscan-skey command with "-p" option.(superuser authorization is required)

    Command: brscan-skey  -p  (4-numeric-digit-password)
  2. Restart Scan-key-tool

    Command(Stop): brscan-skey  -t
    Command(Restart): brscan-skey
  3. The password is required on the device LCD to start scanning.

***To reset the password, use "brscan-skey -p" without parameters.(superuser authorization is required)

Hide a scanner device from Scan-key-tool (Available only with network connected scanner)
  1. Check the device name.

    Command: brscan-skey  -l
  2. Delete the entry.

    Command: brscan-skey  -d  (device-name)

Change the action of scan-key-tool

The actions taken by the scan-key-tool are described in the /usr/local/Brother/sane/brscan-skey-(version).cfg

IMAGE=(The script for scan-to-image selection)
OCR=(The script for scan-to-ocr selection) ***Scan-to-OCR is not available
EMAIL=(The script for scan-to-email selection)
FILE=(The script for scan-to-file selection)


Default shell script for scan-to-image;


Default shell script for scan-to-file;


Default shell script for scan-to-email;


Example: Multiple sheets are scanned from ADF using scan-to-file, and it is made into one PDF file.


Change the file(/usr/local/Brother/sane/script/scantofile-x.x.x-x.sh) as follows.

NOTE:scanadf, pnmtops, and ps2pdf need to be installed.

#! /bin/sh
set +o noclobber
#   $1 = scanner device
#   $2 = friendly name

#       100,200,300,400,600
mkdir -p $BASE

if [ "`which usleep`" != ' ' ];then
    usleep 10000

    sleep  0.01
output_tmp=$BASE/$(date | sed s/' '/'_'/g | sed s/'\:'/'_'/g)

echo "scan from $2($device)"
scanadf --device-name "$device" --resolution $resolution -o"$output_tmp"_%04d
for pnmfile in $(ls "$output_tmp"*)
   echo pnmtops  "$pnmfile"  "$pnmfile".ps
   pnmtops  "$pnmfile"  > "$pnmfile".ps
   rm -f "$pnmfile"

echo psmerge -o"$output_tmp".ps  $(ls "$output_tmp"*.ps)
psmerge -o"$output_tmp".ps  $(ls "$output_tmp"*.ps)

echo ps2pdf "$output_tmp".ps   "$output_tmp".pdf
ps2pdf "$output_tmp".ps   "$output_tmp".pdf


for psfile in $(ls "$output_tmp"*.ps)
   rm $psfile
rm -f "$pnmfile".ps

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