Perguntas frequentes e Solução de problemas

Perguntas frequentes e Solução de problemas

How many copies can I make when I sort multiple copies using the ADF?


The number of copies you can make when using the "Sorting" feature is determined by the amount of memory your Brother machine has available.


If the amount of memory available is low, a copy or print job may take a very long time to print or the message Out of Memory or Memory Full may appear the LCD display.


The Brother machine has 32 MB of standard memory and a slot for optional additional memory.  Depending on the amount of data on the documents you want to scan and copy, you may need to install additional memory to the machine. You can expand the memory up to 544 MB by installing a commercially available DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module). When you add the optional memory board, it increases the performance for both copy and print operations. The amount of data you can scan and sort, using the standard memory and with optional additional memory is listed in the chart below.

Click here to see how to add the memory.


The numbers in the table below represent the number of pages that can be scanned into memory and printed. If you have not added any additional memory to your machine, you can scan up to twenty pages and sort them when printing. (For example: 2 copies of a 10 page report or 5 copies of a 4 page report, etc.) Pages refer to pages of text and not sheets of paper. Documents printed in 2 in 1 mode contain two pages of text on each printed side of the paper.

  0 (No Optional Memory) 32 MB 64 MB 128 MB 256 MB 512 MB
1sided -> 1sided 20 64 106 115 115 115
1sided -> 2sided (landscape) 6 18 32 60 114 114
1sided -> 2sided (portrait) 20 64 106 114 114 114
2sided -> 1sided  (landscape) 7 19 33 60 114 115
2sided -> 1sided (portrait) 20 64 106 115 115 115
2sided -> 2sided 6 18 32 60 114 114


In order to copy and sort the amount of data that is equal to the pages in the 256MB and 512MB columns, you need to download the latest firmware for your Brother machine from the "Downloads" section. Click on "Downloads" tab near the top of this page to begin.


Click on the link listed below to view the document used for testing:
click here. (sortcopy.pdf : 2.65 MB)


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