Specifying jumpstitch trimming or DST jump codes for trimming

You can specify whether or not jumpstitches are cut.
In addition, when using Tajima embroidery data (.dst), you can specify whether or not the thread is cut according to the specified number of jump codes.


Specifying the settings to cut jumpstitches or not to cut them


  1. Touch key to display the settings screen, and then go to page 2.
  2. Touch [ON] or [OFF] to select the desired setting.



    ON : The machine cuts the upper and bobbin thread before the jumpstitch. When Tajima embroidery data (.dst) is used, the machine converts the "jump" code to a trim code, based on the number specified on the next line.
    OFF : The machine does not cut either a jumpstitch or the "jump" code in Tajima embroidery data (.dst).
    When the machine is purchased, "ON" is selected.


When using Tajima embroidery data (.dst)


  • If "ON" is selected, touch + and - to select the number of feed codes.
    The desired setting is displayed.



    A value between 1 and 8 can be specified.
    For example, if 3 is specified, sequential 3 jump codes will be converted to the trim code. But sequential 2 jump codes will not be converted to the trim code, it will be sewed as the feed (jump) stitch.
    When the machine is purchased, the number of jumps is set to "3".

    • The number of jump codes cannot be specified for data other than Tajima embroidery data (.dst).
    • You need to set the jump number same as the number that was used when the particular Tajima data was created. If the jump number is not matched, either unexpected trim or no trimming at trim expected point will happen.


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