Select Your Operating System (OS)


  • To use DK-11247 and DK-22246 rolls, update the Printer Driver to the latest version.
    It is recommended that you also update the firmware to the latest version.
  • Windows 8.1 Information:
    Software for Windows 8 are compatible with Windows 8.1.
  • For Windows Users:
    Brother provides software compatible with Windows 2000 and earlier operating systems. However, as they are no longer supported by Microsoft, Brother support for these operating systems compatible software will end.

What's New?

P-touch EditormacOS 11 / macOS 10.15.x

More Information

  • Brother will not provide new Brother software nor update previously provided software for the Windows OS versions that Microsoft no longer supports or for the Mac operating systems older than the last three systems.
    Previously provided software for older operating systems can be downloaded from the [Downloads] section of this website.