Wireless Setup: Video Guide
Connect to Your Computer via a Wireless Router or Access Point 1

Follow this guide to set up a wireless network between your Brother machine and your computer using a wireless router or access point.

Connect to your PC via router

Check the requirements

Computer, Brother machine, Wireless router/Access point, and the Installation Disc supplied with the machine


Note: If there is no CD/DVD or if you have no CD/DVD drive, you can download the Full Driver & Software Package from the Brother Solutions Center website.

Download Full Driver & Software Package

Set up a wireless network

1. Start the installer:
a)If you are using the Installation Disc, put the disc into the CD/DVD drive.
b)If you are using the downloaded Full Driver & Software Package, double-click the file.

2. Follow the instructions in the video to set up your computer. When the video finishes, go to the next step.

3. The xxx window appears on your computer screen. Click the same window below to continue.