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Print a PDF File Directly from a USB Flash Drive

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You can print a PDF file directly from a USB flash drive.

PDF files that are 2 GB or more cannot be printed.

To prevent damage to your machine, DO NOT connect any device other than a USB flash drive to the USB direct interface.
  1. Insert a USB flash drive in the USB slot.
  2. Press [PDF Print].
    If your machine has been set to Secure Function Lock On, you may not be able to access Direct Print.
  3. Press image or image to display the PDF file you want to print, and then press it.
  4. Enter the number of copies in one of the following ways:
    • Press [-] or [+] on the touchscreen.
    • Press image to display the keyboard on the touchscreen, and then enter the number of copies using the touchscreen keyboard. Press [OK].
    • Enter the number of copies using the dial pad.
  5. Read and confirm the displayed list of options.
  6. To change the print settings, press image[Print Settings].
    When finished, press [OK].
    Print Quality

    Select the print resolution for your type of document.

    Tray Select

    Select the tray.

    Paper Size

    Select the paper size.

    Multiple Page
    Set this option to print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper or print one page of your document on multiple sheets.
    Select the type of 2-sided binding.
    Set this option to On to print sets of multi-page documents in the original page order.
    PDF Option
    Select this option to print a PDF file with the markups or stamps.
    Set New Default

    Save the print settings you use most often by setting them as the defaults.

    Factory Reset

    Restore any changed print settings back to the factory settings.

  7. Press [Black Start] or [Color Start].
    DO NOT remove the USB flash drive from the USB direct interface until the machine has finished printing.
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