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Google Cloud Print Problems



My Brother machine is not displayed in the printer list.

Make sure your machine is turned on.

Confirm that Google Cloud Print™ is enabled.

Confirm that your machine is registered with Google Cloud Print™. If it is not registered, try to register again.

I cannot print.

Make sure your machine is turned on.

Confirm your network settings. See Related Information.

Certain files may not be printable, or may not appear exactly as they are displayed.

I cannot register my Brother machine with Google Cloud Print™.

Make sure your machine is connected to a network with Internet access.

Verify that the date and time are set correctly on your machine.

I do not see a confirmation message on my Brother machine when I try to register with Google Cloud Print™, even after repeating the registration steps.

Make sure your Brother machine is idle while you are registering with Google Cloud Print™.

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